BnaSNPDB: An interactive web portal for the efficient retrieval and analysis of SNPs among 1,007 rapeseed accessions


The rapid development of high-throughput sequencing technology and the decrease in sequencing costs provide valuable resources and great opportunities for researchers to investigate genomic variations across hundreds or even thousands of accessions in the post-genomic era. The management and exploration of these large-scale genomic variations heavily rely on programming and command-line environments, which are challenging and time-consuming for most experimental biologists and plant breeders. Here, we present BnaSNPDB, an interactive web portal with a user-friendly interface that provides multiple analysis modules for retrieving, analyzing, and visualizing single nucleotide polymorphisms among 1,007 accessions of worldwide rapeseed germplasm. It is compatible, extendable, and portable to be easily set up on different operating systems, and can be accessed at Its whole dataset and code are available at This database is essential for accelerating studies on the functional genomics and screening of the molecular markers of molecular-assisted breeding in rapeseed.

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